Private tuition Testimonials:

I love your style of teaching, you clearly do so much prep and cater it towards what I need or what we have previously discussed so we don’t waste time, which I really appreciate.
I learn something new from each session and I love the use of the straw and new exercises.
– Lottie Jones

Since my daughters first lesson cat has managed to massively boost Sophie’s self confidence and singing ability. 
Patience, enthusiasm, and guidance are in abundance from the minute we enter the lesson and my daughter can’t wait for her next session. 
We are always met with a warm welcome and feel we are part of a singing family.  
We love working towards performances with cat she makes sure we tackle not only vocals but also performing techniques and stage presence. 
– Deborah Blythe

“The passion that Cat has for her students and ensuring that they are challenged as well as ensuring that they are enjoying song choices. Cat’s knowledge and understanding of vocal health, particularly in our case ‘boys vocal health’ as they progress through vocal changes. I also love how much my child looks up to Cat and values her advice and guidance. Her relationship with the pupils is professional yet personable.” – Feedback from Survey

“Having lessons with Cat has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Being a professional singer for over 10 years I really wanted to invest time into my voice, get rid of bad habits and make it the best it can be. Cat without a doubt has completly done this! I’ve only been training with her a short time and the difference is unbelieavble. She is so knowledgable and passionate about her job and clients. I always say she has a calming effect on me as a performer.” – Lucy Texteira

Vocal Health First Aid Based Testimonial:

“I’d highly recommend a Vocal Check in with Cat to anyone in the Industry. She’ll make you feel perky, positive and performance-ready in no time.” – Katy Clayton

Performance Based Testimonial:

The ladies of the Chatelaine Luncheon Club, here in Leicester, were delighted to invite Cat Ogden back to entertain us for the second time – this time for our Christmas meeting.  Cat delighted us with her “Melodies for Christmas” which was a wonderful start to the season.  Cat is beautiful to look at and she sang her heart out with the Christmas melodies we all love, as well as her favourite “signature”songs which we insisted on hearing again.  Her voice range is impressive – soft and melodic through to rich and expressive and she is clearly on her way to a great singing future.  We are so pleased that we were able to get to know her before she becomes rich and famous and we can no longer afford to invite her. – Norma Grimes, Secretary, Chatelaine Luncheon Club

Group Teaching Testimonials:

“Cat has been teaching at my school for the past year and both myself and the students are thrilled to have her with us! She has such a fantastic amount of experience and is so passionate about what she is teaching. Her students are given the the knowledge and confidence to develop their vocals and performance skills, and absolutely love her encouraging, positive approach to singing! She strives to get the very best out of her students and clearly works so hard at what she does. Such a wonderful singer and singing teacher, we love her!” – Emma Otway, Principle of Stagecoach Wilmslow

Cat is a teacher at Carney Cheshire – She is a Brilliant, lively, enthusiastic member of the team. Her relationship with the students is second to none. She knows how to get the best out of them. She can work well with any age group and ability level, ensuring that everyone does their best work. I would recommend her as a singing teacher to anyone wanting a professional but fun way of learning – Ruth Carney, TV Professional Director and Founder of Carney Academy

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