I love your style of teaching, you clearly do so much prep and cater it towards what I need or what we have previously discussed so we don’t waste time, which I really appreciate.
I learn something new from each session and I love the use of the straw and new exercises
– Lottie Jones

Since my daughters first lesson cat has managed to massively boost Sophie’s self confidence and singing ability. 
Patience, enthusiasm, and guidance are in abundance from the minute we enter the lesson and my daughter can’t wait for her next session. 
We are always met with a warm welcome and feel we are part of a singing family.  
We love working towards performances with cat she makes sure we tackle not only vocals but also performing techniques and stage presence. 
– Deborah Blythe (Parent)

Cat is a teacher at Carney Cheshire – she is a brilliant, lively, enthusiastic member of the team. Her relationship with the students is second to none. She knows how to get the best out of them. She can work well with any age group and ability level, ensuring that everyone does their best work. I would recommend her as a singing teacher to anyone wanting a professional but fun way of learning. – Ruth Carney

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